When filtering in a spreadsheet, the image are not moving with the rows

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I have a spreadsheet with many rows. At the top I have a filter to sort the rows as usual.
If I want to sort my rows in the spreadsheet by a filter, the pictures wich included in one cell are not moving with the row.
So after filtering the pictures are wrong in the rows. Are there any solutions?

OS: Windows 10 OnlyOffice Desktop Editors Version
Browser version: Microsoft Edge

Please right-click the image inside the cell => Image Advanced Settings => Cell Snapping => activate the option Move and size with cells.

Hi Carl,
we have tried this and it is not working. Also with an uploaded Excelfile it is not working.

Please provide an example file.

Hi find attached

OnlyOffice Link

Thank you for the file. I am not sure if there is any problem since the behavior is the same as in Excel.

Excel 2019:

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 7.0:

yes you are right. If I want to filter it is the same failure.
But I only want to sort the rows. The Priority colum for example. If I sort the rows in Excel the pictures stay in the correct row.

Thank you for the clarification. We have reproduced the issue and are currently analyzing it. I will inform you here about the results.

We have registered this issue as a bug in our tracking system (internal number 55038). It will be fixed in one of the future updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.