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Webdav Android onlyoffice App Bug

Bug Report:
Android 10
onlyoffice Version: latest
When creating a secure SSL WebDav connection in Android onlyoffice App you receive Error:
unknown Error with Code: 501
Same Connection is working without any Error in iOS App.
Problem occurs on different Android Devices, not an Android related Problem.
Thank you for your help.

Hello @Masterblaster
Do I understand the issue right that you are trying to connect your webDAV server to ONLYOFFICE Documents app? Could you please reproduce the issue and make a videofile?

One more thing. Is it possible to provide us with test account to your WebDAV server? We will try to check the situation on our test devices. If so, please contact me via PM.

Hi Alexandre,

i have installed the latest android onlyoffice App. In this app you can replay the error by yourself going this way:

go to Clouds-> different location → different WebDAV Storage:

Example URL (replace with your own)
Connection URL: https://webdavserver:Port
Login: username
Password: password

if you click on connect you get the error: unknown Error with Code: 501

In iOS App same way to configure, but it works without any problems.

If have tested it on my Huawei P30 with Android 10 and on a Samsung S9 with Android 10, same Behavior.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your description.
I’ve tried to reproduce the situation, but I didn’t achieve the same result.
Is it possible to provide us with account credentials (test account) to your WebDAV server? This way we will check the situation on the spot.
If so, please contact me directly in private messages.

Hi Alexandre, i have sent you the private message.

Hello @Masterblaster
Thank you for provided data. We have added a bug to internal tracksystem (internal number - 59680). We have started working on it.