Watermark API and docker server


I had added OnlyOffice for my develop setup with docker. Right now it’s working very well, I can open file, edit and save the documents, but I’m looking for add watermarks with the API, I saw this documentation.

But I don’t understand how integrate it with docker, I’m using react with your library and my backend is in elixir. I was hoping to be able to make use of it through an HTTP request to the server API in docker.

Hello @ruben4cor

Mentioned InsertWatermark method is used by Document Builder that is also included into Document Server. Briefly, you can use this method via Macro or via Plugin from editor interface or via stand-alone Document Builder via .docbuilder script.

If your goal is to simply add watermark with this method and you have Document Server installed, you can use Web Document Builder that is included into Document Server package, as I mentioned, to make modifications in documents without even opening them.

Let me know if it is not what you are looking for.