Warning when pasting

There is a warning dialog popping up every time I want to paste copied content into a worksheet of a document. It does not matter if the content was copied from within the document or from another application. The warning dialog looks like this: warning

After this, the only option is to reload the document to be able to carry on.
:warning:The funny thing is it only happens in one particular worksheet of a spreadsheet. I can successfully copy / paste in other worksheets or spreadsheets.

Is there something I did to mess up this functionality ?

OS: Windows 10
Browser version: Firefox 91.0.2

Hello tchypp.

Could you please provide us with the file where the issue is reproducible?

Your description of the situation looks like known bug which we fixed in DS v.6.4 (bug number - 51162). But we need more information to check it out:

  1. Version of your Document server.
  2. Please reproduce the issue with open browser console. Check if there are any error entries in console and make a screenshot.