Video thumbnails/previews

I’d like to suggest that thumbnails be rendered for video files, and to add the ability to preview videos by hovering over their thumbnail.

My organization has a lot of videos that we need to sift through occasionally and the filenames are just not enough to see which videos could be helpful for whatever project is going on. Seeing a still from the video as its icon, and watching many frames showing quickly in succession from the video just by hovering over it would be helpful to see what the video is at a glance, without leaving the folder where other videos are or waiting for the whole video to load and play.

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@alexsapps :wave:

Thank you for sharing your idea along with the example of the issue you encountered.

We will review your suggestion and keep you informed as soon as any updates become available.

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Hi @alexsapps :handshake:

We have registered your suggestion to add thumbnails for video files and implement animated previews for video files.

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