Very longtime filtering

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OS version: win 11 pro
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Slow operation of the sorting function: the file has about 2000 lines, in column D, for example, it is possible to filter by 6 items. in MS Excel the filter is applied in less than a second. In OnlyOffice it takes about 55 seconds. it’s terribly long.
How to fix it?

hey @a.shliakhov :wave:

May I ask you to provide a file for testing the issue?
You can also send the file via privat messages if it doesn’t contain any sensitive information.

I’m ready to send a file for experiments, but I can’t find a private chat. how to start it?

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Do not have this button. may be email?


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Hi @a.shliakhov :wave:
We have registered your report regarding the issue with slow data filtering. :pray:


Waiting for solution :slight_smile: