Very longtime filtering

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OS version: win 11 pro
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Slow operation of the sorting function: the file has about 2000 lines, in column D, for example, it is possible to filter by 6 items. in MS Excel the filter is applied in less than a second. In OnlyOffice it takes about 55 seconds. it’s terribly long.
How to fix it?

hey @a.shliakhov :wave:

May I ask you to provide a file for testing the issue?
You can also send the file via privat messages if it doesn’t contain any sensitive information.

I’m ready to send a file for experiments, but I can’t find a private chat. how to start it?

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Do not have this button. may be email?


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Hi @a.shliakhov :wave:
We have registered your report regarding the issue with slow data filtering. :pray:


Waiting for solution :slight_smile:

@a.shliakhov :handshake:
Unfortunately, we won’t find a workaround from your side.

The fix for this bug will be addressed in the queue. Timelines are currently unknown.

Based on the experience of previous years, how long is the path from the backlog to deployment in production?

It depends on the specific file. Each file experiencing such issues is reviewed individually, and it’s not possible to provide any approximate timelines.