Version History Disappeared


I use the online version of Only Office documents. There used to be a great “version history” feature. That feature, under collaboration, has disappeared.

Can you help me to understand why it is gone?

Thank you!

Hello cruckdeschel.
Please clarify what exact product you are using.

Hello Alexandre,

I am using a “document” as opposed to a “spreadsheet” or “presentation”.

Thank you!

Sorry, I asked the question inaccurately. I meant the product itself (cloud-based solution - for example, or server-based such as Workspace.). It is important for us to know the product itself.

Hello Alexandre,

I’m sorry, now I understand. I use the cloud-based version: ,

Thank you!

Hello Chris!
ONLYOFFICE Personal has been upgraded to make the work with documents more comfortable, many features were updated. Some of the functions are still being tested by our technical specialists. Unfortunately, version history is temporary missing in the Collaboration tab. You can manage version history by clicking the version icon next to the file. Our technical specialists are investigating the issue. We apologize for any inconveniences caused!

Hello Kate,

Thank you! I am glad to hear that the version history will return at some point!

Is there an image that shows where the “version icon next to the file” is? I looked at a document, and I don’t see it.

Thank you again!
Chris Ruckdeschel

Hello Chris,

When you look at the list of files in the document manager there is a sign Ver.2 (3,4 etc) by clicking it you access version history or click the three dots icon (near the Share icon) and also select Show version history.