Version (x64 exe) Data Missing since update


Im running windows 10 Home (64) on my work laptop, and since ive update my Only Office to the latest version ,most of my data input into the spreadsheet in the XML facility is missing.

Ive uninstalled and cleared cache etc and this hasnt helped.

My desktop computer has the version before and has no issues when retrieving the information on the saved file/ spreadsheet.

Unfortunately I don’t have the installation/ download of the previous version.

Can anyone suggest what I can do?

Thanks very much!

UPDATE- It seems the text in my spreadsheet has become the same colour as the background ( IE black letters on a green background are now green letters), as If I save the spreadsheet as a PDF, the entire spreadsheet is there and correct.
I’ve tried simply changing the font colours but this doesn’t work…also £ symbols, sporadically change to $ symbols.

Can anyone help?

Hello @Martyn62910

Is is possible to provide a file itself so we can run some test with it?
You can send the me to me via PM if it contains any sensitive data.

Hi Constantine, fortunately there is no longer an issue as I have managed to locate a previous version from Github.
Ive installed the previous version and the spreadsheet is now complete again.

I think it would be good to analyze the file anyway to make sure that this issue won’t happen again in future releases. If you are interested in this contribution, you can share the file so we can run some tests to find the root of the issue.