Version 7.3 externallistener cannot be allowed

v 7.3

  var dataMessage = {
    frameEditorId : "iframeEditor",
    guid : "asc.{A8705DEE-7544-4C33-B3D5-168406D92F72}",
    type : "onExternalPluginMessage",
    data : {
      type: "close",
      text: "text"
  }; = "executeCommand"; = 'var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();var oSection = oDocument.GetFinalSection();var oHeader = oSection.GetHeader("default", true);var oParagraph = oHeader.GetElement(0);oParagraph.AddText("Header");';

  var _iframe = document.getElementsByName("frameEditor");
  if (_iframe[0]){
    _iframe[0].contentWindow.postMessage(JSON.stringify(dataMessage), "*");

6.02 can do it

Unfortunately, the externallistener plugin is no longer supported since we introduced the Automation API.

How can I interact with the onlyoffice editor now

Hello @mayun
Entire plugin functionality is related to Automation API at the moment: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Automation API
Functionality was improved and expanded to meet current users needs. We decided to finish supporting of old plugin since its functional is insufficient now.

Please note that the connector is available only for ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition.

Docs Enterprise. How can I Do

I’ve tried to find your license in clients database, but without a result.
if you have commercial license please contact your personal manager to discuss the situation.