VBA Macro compatibility

Hi all.
I am investigating OnlyOffice already.

OnlyOffice is a good and fast product.
But I think that SpreadSheet application should support VBA macros.

Because, suppose that scenario; my customers send me an Excel file that contains little macros/functions which used in cells’ formulas. So, when I open the file with OnlyOffice the sheet gives an error on formulas.

I can rewrite the macros but is not feasible.


  1. I can rewrite if I know programming, I cannot if I am not familiar.
  2. In the rewriting situation, I cannot send back it to my customers, they cannot open it properly.
  3. rewriting macros is time consuming
  4. rewriting mature complex logics will have new bug risks.

So, using JavaScript in macros good, because it’s both easy and cross-platform.
But VBA support is requirement.

If we swicth/choose between them as Macro Engine on workbook basis, it will be perfect.

Best regards.

Hur Akdulger

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Hello Hur,
Thank you for the feedback.
At the moment we have no plans on implementing VBA macro support.