Variables in headers and footers

is there a way in the Desktop Docs version to put a system variable in the header or footer that displays the filename with the document path?

Hello @Joern

Sorry for the late reply. We are currently checking your request.

Please provide us with details of the desired scenario, step-by-step. You can draw a scheme\make screenshots.

Hello Russel,
I once created a screenshot of how the customer imagines the automatically inserted document path. This was previously possible in Word, he says.
Thank you for your help.
Sincerely, Joern

Hello @Joern,

We are checking the current situation and will notify you of any news.

Hello @Russell, do you have any news for me?
Regards, Jörn

Hello @Joern

Please accept our apologies for the delayed response.
Unfortunately, right now there is no way to add such variable into header/footer. We have added the suggestion to add such possibility into our internal tracker under the number 60929.
This feature will be implemented in one of the future releases of Desktop Editors.