Using arguments returns undefined

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DocumentBuilder version: v7.5.0.128
Installation method:
OS: Windows 10


I am using document builder v7.5.0.128 installed on Windows 10 / Windows server 2016. I am creating documents using the command line following the documentation like this:

.\docbuilder.exe "--argument{\"name\":\"litro.docx\"}" script.docbuilder

And mi script.docbuilder it’s like this:

var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();          
var oParagraph;                             
oParagraph = Api.CreateParagraph();         
oParagraph.AddText("Lorem IPSUM");          
var nombreArchivo = Argument["name"];
builderJS.SaveFile("docx", nombreArchivo, "x2t_additons_as_xml");

My problem is: It seems to be working fine because it creates a file after running the command. However when I use in my script var FileName = Argument[“name”]; to retrieve the value of the argument it returns undefined, and I need the value of the argument (in this case “litro.docx”)

Hello @fedeamandi

Unfortunately, currently builder methods, e.g. builder.SaveFile, builder.OpenFile, etc., cannot be used with arguments.