Using a table header and row to designate a cell (moving from excel to onlyoffice)

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Document Server version: desktop app
OS: windows 10

I used to work with excel but i switch to onlyoffice because i wanted to switch to linux.

I am trying to use the content of a cell in a formula. The cell is in a table so I wanted to use the ate headers and in the row in the formula. In excel, you can do this easely by adding a “@” before the name of the header. (ex: [@Date]).

Does anyone know how to do the same thing in onlyoffice?

heres the table in question and the formula idea i had:

thanks in advance,

Hi @LucasGmD :wave:

We have a bug related to the pop-up warning “Internal error while parsing the formula” when entering a formula in a table that includes the “@” symbol.

I suspect this is the issue you encountered.

Could you please confirm if this is the case and, if possible, provide the file for us to investigate further?