ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.4 with conditional formatting, new scaling options, and WOPI protocol support
ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.4 released

Use the system print menu instead of the custom one on Linux

OS version: Manjaro Linux
App version:
Downloaded from: Came preinstalled with Manjaro (Manjaro Repo → community repo)
So I wanted to print out my files, but the print feature did cut off the file’s bottom, and did not perceive the Footer also. So with the saved file, I went to LibreOffice and printed there. It just worked without issues. I would be grateful if you could merge LibreOffice’s printing code to OnlyOffice desktop apps.

Hello GMate8.

As I see stable Manjaro branch contains only v.6.4.1. This version is not current one.

As a test, I can suggest you to switch to testing branch and update Desktop editors to the current version (v.6.4.2) and check if the error persists.

NB! We recommend you to make a backup\snapshot of your PC before switching to testing branch.

If the issue still reproduces on actual version of Desktop editors, please provide us with test file and step-by-step scenario of the issue. So we are able to reproduce it on our side.

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