Use the system print menu instead of the custom one on Linux

OS version: Manjaro Linux
App version:
Downloaded from: Came preinstalled with Manjaro (Manjaro Repo → community repo)
So I wanted to print out my files, but the print feature did cut off the file’s bottom, and did not perceive the Footer also. So with the saved file, I went to LibreOffice and printed there. It just worked without issues. I would be grateful if you could merge LibreOffice’s printing code to OnlyOffice desktop apps.

Hello GMate8.

As I see stable Manjaro branch contains only v.6.4.1. This version is not current one.

As a test, I can suggest you to switch to testing branch and update Desktop editors to the current version (v.6.4.2) and check if the error persists.

NB! We recommend you to make a backup\snapshot of your PC before switching to testing branch.

If the issue still reproduces on actual version of Desktop editors, please provide us with test file and step-by-step scenario of the issue. So we are able to reproduce it on our side.

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I have now updated the client for v7 and it now works as expected! I just want to thank you so much for your work! I also like the language support very much! Thank you! Love :heart:

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