Use the comma character insted of the dot character using numeric keyboard

How can I write the comma insted of the dot character when I’m using numeric keyboard?

In Spanish lenguage we use the comma character to write the decimals so when we use the numeric keyboard dot in a Excel document(just in excel) it write the comma insted of a dot.

Document Server version: 7.2
Installation of the Document Server: deb/rpm
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Browser version: chroome 105 version



Hello @JoseTor
Please take a look at file advanced settings (File > Advanced settings). There’re region and separator settings. Will it be suitable for you?

If I misunderstood you request, please clarify it.

Hello @Alexandre ,

I’m facing the same issue. In french, we use the comma as decimal separator. I saw the regional settings. But when using the numeric keypad only, there is the “dot” key. It would be nice that this key enters the right decimal separator. Unfortunately for french, this key is a dot, not a comma.

As a comparison with MS Excel, when I type in a cell “3.25” from the numeric keypad, it changes it in “3,25” and it is interpreted as a number. In OnlyOffice, when I type “3.25” from the numeric keypad, it is not understood as a number.

I’m using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (x64 msi).

I hope this clarify the issue.

Hello @Seb
Thank you for your description, we are checking the situation.

Hello @Seb
Thank you for your description one more time. We found a match with known bug (internal number - 59842). We are working on it already.

Great ! Thank you !

I found the issue on your github, from the internal number you mentioned.
I’m letting the link here :

Hi Alexzandre,
have you fix the issue? if you made it how you did it?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. I will update this thread when we have any news.

We’re having the same issue in French language / keyboard. Numeric keypad writes a dot instead of a coma. Thanks.

Hello @Jeremy01
We’re working on it already. Your request has been added to the mentioned bug.

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Hey guys @Jeremy01 @JoseTor @Seb

I am writing to inform you that we have already launched the new version 7.4 of the Document Server and fixed the bug 59842 mentioned by Alexander.