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Upgrade via Backup / Restore 6.x to 7.x

I´ve a onpremise Installation based on OnlyOffice Workspace 6.x i bought a new
server and installed OnlyOffice 7.x

Can i migrate the contents of 6.x to 7.x via the Backup and Recovery ?

Kind Regards and Thanks for help !!


Hello @tobias.kilian
Do I understand it right that you have old server with Workspace (it includes Document server, Community server, MySQL, etc.) and you want to migrate to new server where latest Workspace is installed?
If so, please take a look at this guide: Migrating from ONLYOFFICE Workspace to Enterprise Edition using Docker script - ONLYOFFICE
It describes migration to Workspace Enterprise, but it works for Community Edition too (just replace wget command with necessary one: wget

In general, to migrate Workspace between servers you should have the same component versions of portal on each server. It’s necessary, because there’s difference in MySQL tables between Community server versions. In other words, if you have prepared portal backup on Community server v.10 and you have tried to restore it on Community server v.12.0.1 - you can face issues.

Please follow my steps:

  1. Prepare whole server backup of current (‘old’) server just in case.
  2. Update Workspace to latest versions. For docker and Windows servers you can do it via Control Panel, for deb\rpm installation you have to use installation script with -u true flag
  3. Check that portal is OK and prepare portal backup via Control Panel.
  4. Install latest Workspace on a new server. Please pay attention to core.machinekey parameter which is described in this title: Using the Control Panel backup/restore feature - ONLYOFFICE
    New server should have the same core.machinekey value as the old one.
  5. Restore prepared portal backup on the new server.

If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.