Update failed to complete

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OS version: Win 10 Pro 22H2 19045.3570
App version: →
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hi Team,
The last upgrade, effected this morning, failed to complete as well, but as there is no specific ticket, I guess it was mentioned on a different ticket relating to another matter.

The download did complete, at least according to this display;
OO Update stalled
but did not detect completion and run the installer.
… and like last upgrade, the application was left with the prior and latest versions in the application storage area.
OO Update stalled 2

The resolution was same as last time too.

  1. I removed the Updated version, the whole path.
  2. Downloaded the new version from the website
  3. Ran the new installer
  4. … and, of course, over-wrote the en_US template files with my custom en_AU versions, but that’s a me thing as I want Australian dictionaries, not the US English versions.

And were back on track!

Maybe it will work next time. I noticed that the screen had changed with this update. That big blue button is distinct.

Hi @DavidRGreen :handshake: :hugs:
It might seem like the application has already completed all the preparation for installation. But in reality, it has only downloaded the necessary files, indicated by the ‘Downloading 100%’ message, while the unpacking is still in progress and takes some time.

I understand that the ‘100%’ may give the impression that everything is ready. This misunderstanding has been fixed in version 7.5.0.
Downloading 100%. Preparing update… Click to stop

However, you’ll only notice it when updating to the next version.