Update Discourse: Less Bugs, More Features!

Discourse v3.2 Released

Bugs and Vulnerabilities

OnlyOffice forum has serious securities flaws, which have been fixed on Discourse, but because OO doesn’t sync the tests-passed branch, these exploits remains (OO missed ~11k commits)

ONLYOFFICE/discourse source code

Releases Notes (Security and bug fixes can be found here)


Discourse strongly recommends that all sites follow the default tests-passed branch of Discourse. The “stable” branch is more focused on lack of change than lack of bugs - all releases, including those on tests-passed and beta are production ready.


Discourse Docs

Beginner’s guide to using Discourse Themes
OnlyOffice Discourse Repos: ONLYOFFICE · GitHub

ONLYOFFICE/Discourse-footer → Integrated to Core Discourse, can be improved by using Easy Responsive Footer

ONLYOFFICE/discourse-theme → share ONLYOFFICE theme in Discourse forums

Hello @NamelessGO
We are already using v.3.2 of Discourse. The mentioned repository in your post is outdated. The last time we ran the update process from Discourse official repository directly.
Anyway thank you for keeping your fingers on the pulse!

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