Uninterrupted documents loading

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Document Server version : 7.1.1
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe) : exe
OS : Windows 10
Browser version : Chrome version 104.0.5112.102 (Build officiel) (64 bits) and Firefox version 103.0.2 (64 bits)


I installed OnlyOffice DocumentServer in order to use it for managing a symfony project. When I try to edit a word, excel or powerpoint document, an onlyoffice page opens, but the page never finishes loading. There are no errors in the console.
You will find a screenshot (can’t put more) below to illustrate my proposals:

I can’t find any similar topic in my internet searches. That’s why I turn to you hoping that you can tell me if it comes from my installation of Onlyoffice or from my symfony project.

Yes, I have integrated Document server to my own self-written storage.

I use this guide for Document server installation : Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs for Windows on a local server - ONLYOFFICE

I don’t have a “Ascensio System SIA” folder in Program Files.

Thinking well, I installed DocumentBuilder folder at the root of the ONLYOFFICE folder. Maybe it was a mistake.


Hello @Coralie
Please note that official language of this forum is English. Please re-write your request and provide us with details:

  1. Do I understand it right that you have integrated Document server to your own self-written storage?
  2. Please point us to the guide which you used for Document server installation.
  3. Please reproduce the issue and provide us with whole Document server logs folder. It’s located here: Program Files (x86)\Ascensio System SIA\DocumentServer\Log

It’s done. Thank you

DocumentBuilder is a part of Document server installation. You don’t have to install it if you have Document server.
About the situation in general. Please check that integrated example works. Go to http://domain_name/example and let us know if the issue reproduces there.

Also let us know version of your OS. Did you use totally clean server OS? I mean no other apps are installed. It’s necessary to avoid dependencies and port conflicts.
About the logs, please check this path: Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\log

One more thing, I noticed that you have commercial trial license. For users with commercial licenses, it’s better to contact us via Zendesk (https://onlyofficesupport.zendesk.com/) to get prompt replies.


I uninstalled DocumentBuilder.

I don’t understand what you mean when you ask me to go to http://domain_name/example. I know what is a domain name, but I don’t understand what is this url for. Must I replace domain_name with my software URL or with localhost (indeed, I work on a local server) ? And example ? Must I replace it too ?

My OS version is :10.0.19042 Build 19042. This server is used for our development environments. There is so several Symfony projects in this server. There is also office applications, some browsers and Git.

You will find below a capture of the logs found by following the link Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\log :

Do you want me to create a new ticket via Zendesk?


In my new internet searches, I found topic with the error message obtained. I understood that this error message is generated because the port 80 is already used. Indeed, this port is used by Apache server. I don’t understand this error because Onlyoffice isn’t installed in port 80 :


Yes, Document server contains the integrated example. You can open your Document server domain name address and enable it. When example is enabled, it is available on the address http://domain_name/example (http://localhost/example in your case).

I believe that Document server should have separated clean server. It’s necessary to avoid dependencies and port conflicts. Also both sides should communicate with each other via domain name links, but not localhost.

My OS version is :10.0.19042 Build 19042
Document server doesn’t support Windows 10. Please check this title: ONLYOFFICE Docs for Windows system requirements - ONLYOFFICE

My suggestion is Document server totally clean installation on separated Windows server. Both sides (Document server and your app) should communicate each other via domain names\IP addresses.

If the issue reproduces with new separated installation, please create a ticket via Zendesk and provide my colleagues with information about:

  1. OS server
  2. Whole Document server logs folder.

Thak you for your answers !

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