Uninterrupted creation of <style/> tags

Preview URL (html) > iframe > head tag, constantly create a style tag with unique id (interval: 250ms), please see the three screenshots.
This will cause the browser memory usage to increase all the time, and eventually it will crash, causing serious negative reviews of usage!
Hope to get your reply, thank you!

Document Server version:7.0.0
Type of installation of the Document Server:docker
OS:Centos 7.9
Browser version: Chrome 97.0.4692.71(x64)

Additional screenshot description:

On the first glance it seems like an integration issue that is not on the side of the Document Server, as I cannot see it reproduced in the embedded example service.

Please record a video of how you reproduce the issue and specify the platform your Document Server is integrated with.

Sorry for not replying to your message for so long!
After I use the official instance to run, please check the video.mp4 and look forward to your reply! thanks!

additional description:
This is still the case for all pages of file types(word;cell;slide) and device types(desktop;mobile;embedded).
I suspect it’s configuration related, but I tested with docker (from official) and this is always the case!

Unfortunately I can’t download the video under your link as it requires access. Please upload it to some other hosting.

Sorry, I found an alternative to the network disk! thanks

Unfortunately I still can’t reproduce the issue. Please try disabling all browser extensions and also try reproducing the issue in any other browser.

Thanks for the reply, I tried this on both Chrome Firrfox and Microsoft Edge (without using any plugins, including the browser’s own ad filter). It also happens on windows 10 and Centos 8.4.
Is it possible to contact you directly by email to communicate the problem in a timely manner?
Or you can also contact me by email!
I look forward to your reply. Thank you!

Support for users of our free products is provided on this forum. Here is a video of how the issue is not reproduced in my environment:

Thank you for your reply, I think this problem may be accidental, because I don’t have this problem in another hardware environment, thank you very much for your help