Uninstall Self hosted server on Ubuntu 20

Community Server/Control Panel version: No ide
Type of installation of Workspace deb
OS: Ubuntu 20 LTS
Browser version: latest Firefox

I want to un-install the self hosted server. How do I do that, and purge everything that got installed with it?

I DID NOT install it with docker. I just installed it straight into ubuntu.

Hello @robertsaron

I think the best and the fastest solution is rolling back whole server to zero state (before portal installation). There are a lot of dependencies to clean them manually. It’s better to rollback whole server.

@Alexandre I do not think that you read my message, or you did not understand it. What is the command line syntax to uninstall only office self hosted server, on Ubuntu? I cannot just roll back the server. Ubuntu has a GUI.

Sorry, if I misunderstood your request. Usually we recommend to use separate clean server for portal deployment.
Please follow my steps:

  1. apt list --installed | grep onlyoffice - check all package names which are related to ONLYOFFICE.
  2. apt purge ‘package_name’
  3. apt autoremove - remove all unused dependencies.
  4. Restart your machine.
    NB! We strongly recommend you to prepare whole machine snapshot\backup before described actions.