Undo in spreadsheets fast mode

Hello OnlyOffice community,

I would like to use OnlyOffice for my organization for its spreadsheets capabilities, but I am afraid our users would expect undo functionality without the complexity of strict mode.

Will undo / ctrl+z functionality in Fast Mode be coming to OnlyOffice spreadsheets in the future at all? Are technical details on why it’s hard to implement available to read anywhere?

What’s your opinion on Google Sheets’ undo behavior? I’m sure it’s not trivial to implement, but from experimentation it seems to undo only a user’s own changes and does its best to handle conflicts, e.g. by

  • doing nothing when you undo a change in a cell deleted by another user
  • disregarding another user’s changes if they made changes in a cell that you’re undoing changes to
  • undoing a change in the new location for a cell, if another user moves a cell you made changes to


Hello @alexsapps

The suggestion to add possibility to undo changes in Fast Mode is already registered and currently we are planning to implement it in version 8.1 of ONLYOFFICE Docs. Estimated date of release of this version is summer of this year.

Fast Mode by itself is very complicated feature when it comes to collaborative editing, i.e. when multiple users are editing the document at the same time. I’m afraid there no other technical details are available.

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