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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Uncontrolled activity of editors-helper.exe at W10 wake-up

I recently (early Dec 2022) downloaded the Desktop version of OnlyOffice for Windows (W10 Pro, 1909, build 18363.1556) from your website and activated direct access to Infomaniak kDrive (I also synchronize part of my disk space with kDrive using their tool). I worked with OnlyOffice and then put the PC on long duration standby. When I woke it up on Dec 4, my PC was completely blocked by a process run by editors-helper.exe that was consuming more and more RAM and 100% of disk use, resulting in extremely slow access to the task manager to kill the task (I do not remember if it started immediately at OS start or when I launched OnlyOffice). It took me 20 minutes to get in control of the PC by killing the task (the only alternative was to pull the plug). I found a report on the Internet of something similar that identified the process as belonging to OnlyOffice.
Any idea of the cause of the issue?

Hello @Claude

Sorry for the late reply.
Could you provide some more details:

  • was the last opened file located on the disk part that was connected to kDrive?
  • what was the last action with editors before closing them?
  • do you use any antiviruses?
  • did you try to run editors in debug mode?

I’m looking forward for your reply.