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Unable to get API information

Hi, I try to get info use connection GET api/2.0/files/file/{fileId}/presigneduri and api/2.0/files/{fileId}/properties , but this API’s don’ t work.

although a file exist

Hello @Servanes
I have checked portal API and it looks good. I recorded a videofile with my test. Please check it out: Monosnap

Hello, Alexandre! I follow your instructions, but it didn’t work for me. Video →

Do you have any proxy or firewall in front of Workspace?

I don’t have a proxy and firewall, but I use Workspace into k8s cluster. I’m pretty sure this problem is independent of using k8s. I am ready to provide the necessary logs.

Oh, we didn’t test Workspace installation on K8s. What guide\steps did you run to deploy portal on K8s?

I followed the instructions in the docker-compose.yaml file located at , but didn’t deploy the onlyoffice/elasticsearch:7.10.0 container, because it wasn’t in the previous release.

Hello @Servanes
Unfortunately, there’s nothing to do. We don’t have ready-to-go tested Workspace installation guides for K8s. The only correct way to deploy it is following to official guides: Installation Guides - Workspace - ONLYOFFICE

I agree, that described issue is most likely related to your installation way.
Sorry for inconvenience.

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