Unable to create documents with my tablet in Only Office

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Device: Lenovo Tab Extreme
OS version: Android 13
App version: latest
Mode: On Device
Browser version (for Web editors): N/A

My tablet is the Lenovo Tab Extreme. Its a 14.5 inch screen tablet, which may be the cause of me not being able to use any of the functions correctly. When I use Doc for instance, when I type anything its always double or triple of what I’ve typed. For example, if I type hello, it comes out as hhheeelllooo. Also, and not sure if its part of the problem, the tablet comes with a direct connected keyboard. Which is what I’ve been using to type in the first place. I would provide logs, but I don’t there is any. If there is away, let me know and Ill provide them. Thanks in advance!!

Hello, @Keith :handshake:

  1. Could you please clarify if you are using a Bluetooth keyboard?
    1.1 If so, kindly specify the model.
  2. Additionally, provide the version of the OnlyOffice application.

If I understand correctly, you are experiencing a similar issue as described in the following topic: Double letters with Bluethooth keyboard.

Yes, I am getting similar issue, but the keyboard is not bluetooth. I’m currently using version 7.5.1 Build 501

Hi @Keith :handshake:

Just a wired keyboard? And is it also an Android device?
What is the model of your keyboard.

Sorry for the late response. Apparently Im not getting notifications to my emails. Here is the Lenovo Extreme and Official Keyboard

Hello @Keith

May I ask you to run additional simple test? I’d ask you to check if on-screen keyboard also behaves in the same way. If possible, please disconnect your physical keyboard from the device before running a test.

Thanks for the response, I was able to remove the keyboard and it type normally.

Thank you for the feedback. We analyze the data and I will update the thread once any news come up.

Thank you very much!!

We have found certain with input from physical keyboards and we are working on them.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide any estimated time frames for the fix os this issue yet. Once any news come up, I will update the thread.