Unable to copy slides from a Powerpoint into a cloud OnlyOffice presentation

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Document Server version: 7.5
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When working in an OnlyOffice presentation, I am running into an issue with copying slides from a Powerpoint in Microsoft Office. When the slide is copied and pasted into OnlyOffice, it becomes an image that I cannot edit or update the text. Is there a way to do this? Is it possible to copy and insert multiple slides without having to upload the file to the OnlyOffice server?

Hello @dcbee

What version of MS Office is used? Can you record video demonstration of this behavior?

In the meantime, please check Paste Special feature for Presentation Editor:

It allows inserting copied data as image, I think you might be using this feature. In that case, try choosing another option when pasting data.

Hi Constantine,

Using Microsoft Office365. The system will not allow me to upload the video due to being a new user. Is there another way I can share this with you?

I am able to use the paste special feature if I select each text box separately. I would need to go to each slide and select the title first, copy, and paste into my OnlyOffice presentation. Then repeat for the text box with all the bullets/information. Then proceed to the next slide and repeat these steps. Ideally, I could copy multiple slides from Microsoft and insert them into the OnlyOffice presentation. When this is attempted, only the first slide will get pasted into OnlyOffice as an image. In the video, I tried to copy three slides to add to OnlyOffice, but only the first slide pasted as an image.

I was just granted new permissions on the Forum. Please see the attached.

Thank you for sharing the video. Much appreciated.

As I can see, pretty similar behavior occurs with LibreOffice, OpenOffice and even MS Office stand-alone (not MS365 online) - the copied content is pasted as image. I assume this is peculiarity of Microsoft365 and how it handles copy-paste procedures.

I’d recommend to download the presentation and the upload it to Document Server to avoid such problems.

If you manage to copy the slide from MS365 to MS PowerPoint (offline) not as an image, please let me know how you do this, a video or a link to instruction would be very appreciated.

Thanks for reviewing the video. Is this functionality that would be considered for future updates to OnlyOffice or is this unlikely?