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Unable to connect to the documentserver docker container from a nodejs client example

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Document Server version: 7.3
Type of installation of the Document Server docker
OS: Ubuntu


I have installed the document server from the docker hub (onlyoffice/documentserver) with docker compose, and
I am trying to connect to the “documentserver” using the example integration example.

There is a part that I cannot figure out in step 3 of the Linux installation of the integration example (ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Example).
“Make sure that the Document Server in its turn has access to the server with the example installed with the address which you specify instead of in the configuration files.”
Could you clarify which configuration files it refers to? How can I give the Document Server access to the server with the example?

When I try connecting to the example now, which is on the host machine, and the document server, that I have in a docker container, I keep getting this error.

Hello @mkterian
You have to change default.json config file on the Node.js example side. It’s located here:
/Node.js Example/config/default.json

The secret and header values are set up on Document server side (DS) in local.json file. It’s located here: /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local.json