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Unable to connect to a kDrive

I installed the Android app (5.2.1 build 307 SDK on my Pixel 4a 5g.
It is possible to connect to an Infomaniak kDrive account.
When I put my email address ( and my password, nothing happens. This is a paid account.
Thanks for your help.

If you have an ONLYOFFICE Cloud Portal try to connect kDrive as a third-party storage in the portal. If you don’t have an ONLYOFFICE Cloud Portal try to connect kDrive in any other WebDAV client, to check if the problem persisis.
Inform about the results.

Hi Kate, thanks for your reply.
I try to connect with WebDAV, it doesn’t work too.

Hello Jieffe! If you can’t connect a kDrive account in any other WebDAV client the problem is not with the ONLYOFFICE App. Please make sure that there is no problem with the kDrive account.

Thanks for your reply.
I opened yesterday a support ticket with Infomaniak (kDrive).
I will tell you their answer.

I understood why it was not working. The Infomaniak account login password must not be used because I have two-factor authentication. You need to create an app password in the account settings and it works now.
Thank you again for your help.

Hello Jieffe! We’re glad that the issue is resolved! If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a new post.

I am new here and have a problem similar to @Jieffe 's.
I have installed the Android app (5.4.0).
If I try to log into my kDrive by entering my credentials, I get an “Access denied” error.
Contrary to Jieffe’s report, I would like to point out that:

  1. I am a free kDrive user
  2. I have NOT activated two-factor authentication

What is the reason for this problem? Is direct access to the kDrive cloud not possible in Android app for free users or is there a missing configuration for my Infomaniak user?
Thanks for attention.

Hi Maurizio!
Did you try to create an application password? > My Profile > app password


Thank you for the answer!
I have tried to generate an app password, but unfortunately it does not work, I always get the error ‘access denied’.

The problem is that the two-factor authentication is not activated?

Infomaniak support replied to me saying that access to kDrive from mobile applications is only available to paid users, not free users.
Too bad!