Unable to connect from desktop application to our community server

This is a continuation of a post which was discussed in the previous forum, and where we had a discussion with Alexandre.
We have a community server installed on a cloud server (Ubuntu 20.04) and I am unable to connect to this server from within the desktop application (Mac OS 10.14.6, OnlyOffice version 6.3.1)
From the desktop application I click “Connect to cloud”. I obtain a screen proposing to connect either to OnlyOffice Cloud or Owncloud, etc. If i click on Owncloud, I can connect to our Owncloud instance. But if I click on OnlyOffice cloud, I immediately obtain a error message

I don’t understand the statement “internet connection is lost or restricted” as I can connect to our own Owncloud server without problem…

Hello Rene33.

We are glad to see you here!

At the old forum, we had a correspondence via private messages. Unfortunately, due to the forum moving communication was interrupted.

As far as I understood, you didn’t receive my last message.

I’ll retell it here.

We got provided access and we reproduced the connection to your portal from a few MacOS devices. All checks were smooth.

So we had a guess that the issue can be related to your local network, where your MacOS device is located. Is it possible to reproduce the issue from different network\device?

Finally, I tried on another Mac in our office. It works. So the problem comes from my Mac… But no idea what it could be.
We can close this topics.

With the future Desktop Editors update we are planning to increase description of such errors. Probably this will help us further understand what happened. Unfortunately, at the moment we have no recommendations for solving the situation.
Sorry for inconvenience.