Unable to connect document server to community server

Document Server version: 6.4.1
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)


I have installed the community server and the document-server using the RPM method under CentOS.

I am using nGINX and I have changed the document-server port to 81 while serving the community-server on port 80 and 443. The document server web interface is available via http://ip:81/

I am trying to connect the document-server to the community-server via the settings page, Integration/Document Service; after typing in the public, internal and community server address and clicking Save I get the following message: Api url: Service is not defined.

I have manually edited web.appsettings.config from WebStudio to reflect my settings:
Document Editing Service Address: public-ip:81
Document Service address for requests from the Community Server: internal-ip:81
Community Server address: https://domain.com/
however when clicking on any documents, for web editing, I get the message: “Document service is not available. Please contact support” even though I can create documents and edit them by visiting the documents server URL directly.

Please help.

Thank you!


Please note the following:

  1. Integrating your Document Server (DS) with your Community Server (CS) does not require you to change anything in your CS configuration files - so please revert all the changes applied to them. (Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Groups - ONLYOFFICE)
  2. HTTP/HTTPS combination of DS and CS will not work due to mixed content errors.
  3. We already have a product that includes DS pre-integrated with CS that is called ONLYOFFICE Workspace. Please consider using it instead. (Installing server version using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE)

Please specify the exact method/guide you used to change the Document Server port to 81.

Please provide us with a screenshot of your Integration/Document Service settings page.

Best regards.

Hello Viktor and thank your for replying.

My installation is a bit more complicated since I need nGINX to run by itself so I have to serve the CS and DS via their respective nGINX config files by using the already installed web server (having ports 80, 443 and 3306 already in use) so using the script will not be possible as it will complain about the ports.

What I have done is I have used the yum install and the OnlyOffice, Rabbit, Elastic, PostgreSQL and so on repositories to install the packages then just edited the nGINX config files to make them available online (including Letsencrypt for certificates).

CS how-to used: Installing ONLYOFFICE Groups for Red Hat, CentOS, and derivatives - ONLYOFFICE

DS how-to used: Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs for CentOS and derivatives - ONLYOFFICE

Thank you in advance,


Since I am only allowed 2 links per post, I am coming back with the how-to link I used for connecting DS to CS: Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Groups - ONLYOFFICE

Thank you!

Could you please reproduce this issue with opened browser developer tools (F12) and make a screenshot of the error message in Console and Network tabs?