Unable to connect Desktop Editors to Workspace Server

Ubuntu 20.04 / Workspace Community Edition Version / OnlyOffice Desktop version on Windows 10. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, I am trying to connect to the workspace server with a self signed certificate from the desktop application on the same internal network segment. I can open the workspace server and use it in a browser without issue on my desktop. However I can not connect the onlyoffice desktop application to my local onlyoffice workspace server. The Desktop connects to my local nextcloud with a valid cert and an external onlyoffice server without any issues. I am unable to find log files to assist with troubleshooting. Nor do I know how to allow the desktop to accept self signed certs which is what I think the issue is.
Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

Please try adding –ignore-certificate-errors flag when launching the Desktop Editors to avoid the issue.