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Unable to change page background color


In desktop editor document could not change background color of the entire page. So please provide an option for the same.


Hello @MKVRC

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in editors.
I have added your request to the enhancement suggestion to implement possibility to change background color of the document in the editors.

Hi Constantine,

Thank you for your response.

Hope this feature will be added soon…this is already available in Mac Pages, LibreOffice and Softmaker Office

As a quick work-around, you should be able to use a tiny image of the colour background you need, stretch it over the page, anchor its position relative to the page, and set its wrap mode to “under text”.
If it was a colour you used often, you could make it into a template by saving it somewhere, and tagging it as “read-only” so it couldn’t be over-written.

Hi David,

Thank you for the tip…thats interesting, but can i write over it post streching it across the page? please clarify.

in the meantime found another way…go to “Shade” option, select required color and keep pressing enter and this will extend within the margin/border. please find the attached pic for more details

where is MS word & Mac pages this is a straight forward process, please find the following pic for more details…

It does work, and one can type over it, but it is a little fiddly as OO “Word” is not a publishing app with strong layer controls. :smiley: In such apps, elements can locked against selection.

So in order to position the “I-bar” where you need to type, you would have to click on the grey surround outside the document, as clicking in the document will select the background…

And of course, the image would need to be added and positioned similarly on each successive page.

Background shading is good, but constrained to the margins.

It “is” a work-around…

mustard background.docx (23.9 KB)

Thank you for the detailed explanation and document. Much appreciated.