Two problems with setting row height in the spreadsheet

  1. Is it possible to change the measurement of row height from points to inches ?
  2. I cannot increase row height as much as I would like (I have tried the normal drag-row-edge and right-click set height), so I assume somewhere there is a max limit. Can it be changed (increased)?

Desktop Editor v on Debian 10.

Hello @JTeim

I’m afraid that it is impossible to change measurement points of row height to inches, since points are the standard measure for all editors, as far as I know. If you have seen any editors that allow you to change it please share information about them so we might take a reference.

As for the row height itself: the defined maximum height is 408.75 points so the height cannot exceed this value and this value cannot be changed. However, to get a bigger cell you can simply merge it with another one.

Greetings, Constantine;

Thank you for your suggestion (merging the cells); it works perfectly.

In reply to your query about the measurement points of row height: LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Microsoft Excel all permit you to set the row height in inches (or centimeters). I hope you will consider adding that feature to OnlyOffice.

I’m sorry for misleading.
Currently, you can set row height by inserting height value with needed unit into Custom Row Height window (right click on row > Set Row Height). The supported units are inch for inches, cm for centimeters, mm for millimeters and pt for points:

Note that after entering inches and centimeters, the value will be calculated and displayed automatically in points, 10 cm = 282.75 points:

Thank you. Replacing “pt” with “cm” works, but replacing “pt” with “2.0 inch”, " 2.0 inches" or “2.0 in” does not work (the row height shrinks to a miniscule height, instead of expanding).
Desktop Editor v on Debian 10.

We are checking the situation with inches. I will update this thread once any news come up.

Hello again @JTeim

I’m sorry for the late response.
To set row height in inches it’s supposed to be done with the "(inch unit symbol) instead of in or inch. E.g. for 1,5 inches it will be 1,5".