Two feature requests - Keyboard shortcut for pasting plain text, and snapping window to side

I am moving from Libre Office to OnlyOffice and have loved it so far! Very clean UI and things work well. It is slightly slower to load and save files vs Libre but the pros outweigh the cons and I would like to stick with OnlyOffice.

Two features I greatly miss and which have been slowing down my workflow is the ability to press CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste plain text with no formatting. Instead I have to normal CTRL+V and then move my mouse onto the screen and click the drop down menu of the pasted text and change it to plain text. Very slow and a basic feature that should be included.

My second complaint is that I can’t snap a window to a side panel of my screen. For example, with LIbre office I was able to I drag the window to the side of my screen and my computer OS would realize it wanted to make the window 1/2 the screen size so another window like an internet browser can be on the other 1/2. OnlyOffice isn’t able to collapse down to a reasonable size that allows for multitasking and when I need to work on something I have to toggle between windows.

If these two are a feature and I just am doing something wrong, please correct me. Otherwise, these are two wonderful ideas that I have seen in pretty much every other program and software on my computer. I am not sure why OnlyOffice isn’t implementing these.


Hello! Thank you for your positive feedback!

I forwarded your suggestion regarding the keyboard shortcut to our development team for further consideration.

As far as your second issue, could you please provide some additional information:

  • Your OS and its version

  • Installed ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors Version

Hello, Kate!

I would like to note that I am another person missing greatly a keyboard shortcut for pasting plain text! I’m writing here so that not to flood the forum with similar topics.

After using LibreOffice and Google Docs intensively, I’m used to pasting text with the Ctrl + Shift + V combination. I know that this combination is currently set for pasting formatting in OnlyOffice (and it seems unusual). If changing this behaviour is not an option, then, probably, a setting could be introduced to always paste plain text by default.

Lack of the suggested shortcut or setting was extremely annoying when I was pasting web links into footnotes. When user pastes text into footnotes, no floating button appears to select pasting mode, so web links are pasted as titles of web pages. I had to paste them into Windows Notepad first, to get plain text web links. This behaviour might be a bug, by the way.

Another keyboard shortcut I am missing in OnlyOffice is Shift + F3 for quickly converting the selected text to uppercase, lowercase etc. It is available in LibreOffice, MS Office, MS WordPad and doesn’t seem to be set for any other function in OnlyOffice.

In summary, I propose:

  1. changing the Ctrl + Shift + V keyboard shortcut to pasting plain text and (or) introducing a setting to always paste plain text by default;
  2. fixing the missing floating button when text is pasted into footnotes;
  3. adding the Shift + F3 keyboard shortcut for converting text case.

I would appreciate if my proposals could be conveyed to the developers :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I too like to vote for the paste as plain text feature. It is really important when copying text from HTML formatted text into document.

As for window snapping, it works well for me in Kubuntu 20.04. (KDE Plasma version : 5.18.7)

Hello @andy.joe27 !
I will definitely forward your seggestion to our development team. Thank you for the feedback!

Hello @Alfozavr !
I will forward your seggestions to our developers. My question is regarding the second suggestion: could you please provide more details about it? If possible, could you illustrate the result you want to get with screenshots or a screencapture video?

Dear @Kate, if your question relates to this suggestion - “fixing the missing floating button when text is pasted into footnotes” - then please find enclosed two screenshots.

In the first screenshot, a link to this thread has been pasted into the main area of a page and the floating button has appeared allowing user to choose whether to keep formatting or leave plain text.

In the second screenshot, the same link has been pasted into the footnote area and the floating button has not appeared at all.

I suppose that this is a bug. The floating button should appear regardless of the page area the text is being pasted in.

Hello @Alfozavr !

Thank you for the provided information. Our QA specialists confirmed the bug and registered it in our internal bug tracking system. It will be solved in one of the future releases. Thank you for the cooperation!


Has this feature been added? I am trying to use it on Documento and it seems that feature has not been applied.

Highly recommended feature to add in any Office Suite.


Hello @Redc
Our Development Team is working on fixing this bug, unfortunately, there is no exact release date.

I am also looking forward to pasting unformatted text by ctrl+shift+v

Many people are accustomed to this after other text editors and clicking on the insert icon every time is very tiring.
will this be added in the next release?


Hello @mrnekitoshka !

Our developers are working on adding this feature, but unfortunately, I can’t provide you with exact time frames.

Dear Kate, here is an update on the bug with the missing floating button when text is pasted into footnotes. In the latest desktop version (, the floating button is no more missing when text is inserted in footnotes. However, it may appear in a wrong place depending on the footnote (upper or lower) in which the text is being pasted. Two screenshots are attached to illustrate this.

Hello @Alfozavr
We have checked the issue and we found a match with a known bug (internal number - 49835). We added your request to mentioned bug and we are working on it.

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Hello, it is almost a year now since this response and still there is no ‘CTRL+SHIFT+V’ for unformatted paste (or special paste). I don´t consider this to be a trivial feature. One of the reasons i abandoned Freeoffice is that they also refuse to support this feature. The fact that your dev-team still hasnt implemented this tiny improvement (at most 3 or 4 lines of code) shows a disregard for user requests, sorry to put it this hard but it is true.

Hello @RickOrchard
Please accept our apologies for the length of the situation. Indeed, we’re still working on it and I hope we provide the solution as soon as possible.
I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hey @ctrlshiftv @Redc @RickOrchard @Alfozavr @mrnekitoshka

I am writing to inform you that we have already released a new version 7.4 of the Document Server and Desktop Editors.

Add the ability to copy formatting:

Ctrl+Shift+V - Insert without formatting.
Alt+Ctrl+C\V - copy/paste styles.
Ctrl+Alt+G - Insert a copyright symbol ©


Thank you for the update. This will make Only Office more confortable to use.

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Dear @Nikolas, thank you for the notification! I’m excited about the addition of the Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut for inserting text without formatting! And I see that this release has a bunch of other noticeable enhancements! Excellent news!


Just tested it on Manjaro Linux, works great there too. Thanks!

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