Trying to update

Trying to install updates, when reaching installation box, clicking tells me it cannot be executed as the program is being used by another application. I am not using any of the applications!. Why will it not install the program update?

Hello @Bar457
Do I understand you right that you are trying to update Desktop Editors? What is your OS and app installation type? Could you please reproduce an issue and make a screenshot of an error?

Hi Alexandre
Yes I am trying to update desktop editors. I have Windows 10 and have OnlyOffice installed. I had a pop-up message saying there is an update available so clicked on this and it said it had downloaded and was ready to install. but clicking on install failed. I don’t know what screenshot I can take?

It’s a liitle bit strange since update process should work smoothly.

I think the faster way is total reinstallation of the app in this case. Please download current version here: ONLYOFFICE desktop and mobile apps | ONLYOFFICE

And let us know the result.