Trouble Integrating React.js App as ONLYOFFICE Plugin

Hi everyone,

I am trying to integrate a React.js app as an ONLYOFFICE plugin, but I am facing some problems. I have compiled my React app into a single JavaScript file using Webpack and followed the official plugin creation guide. Even after this; my React app isn’t loading properly within ONLYOFFICE, and I am facing rendering issues where components aren’t displaying correctly.

I have added the bundle.js to the plugin and tried to initialize the React app ; but it still doesn’t work as expected. I have checked Getting started with plugins - ONLYOFFICE Api Documentationaws developer documentation but still need help .

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @boblewis :wave:
Thank you for reaching out. To assist you better, could you please share the following details:

  1. The specific plugin code you are using.
  2. A detailed description of the issues you are encountering, including any error messages and screenshots if possible.

This additional information will help us understand the problem more clearly :slight_smile: