Triple clic and connection lost on IOS

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Device: MacBook Pro 12.9
OS version: IOS 17.0.3
App version: 7.4
Mode: Connect to Cloud OnlyOffice

I encounter the following problems:

  • “connection interrupted with the server” very frequently in collaboration mode
  • the “triple click” to select the entire sentence does not work
  • correction works locally (underlining without suggestion) but not in the OnlyOffice cloud
  • the synchronization in collaboration mode is much slower than with the desktop version

The Desktop version is fantastic, the IOS version much less accomplished.
Thank you and congratulations for all the work already accomplished!

hey @Balystick

It’s a little unclear which product you have in mind?

How often?

desktop, mobile?
Where is the problem reproduced?

Can you demonstrate the problem?

Could you please reproduce the issue and provide us with videofile/gif?

Thank you for using ONLYOFFICE :grinning:

You’re right, it’s not clear at all.
Device: iPad Pro 12.9 M1
OS version: IOS 17.0.3
Mobile App version: 7.4

The exact message is: “Warning - The connection to the server has been interrupted… - Please reload the page. - OK "

This message occurs in less than a minute when collaborating on a text document in a room. The bug is reproducible for me on an iPad and an iPhone, with two different users.

The “triple click” to select the entire sentence does not work on the mobile App. It works on the mobile web version and the desktop web version.

Correction works locally for docs on my (underlining without suggestion) but not for doc files in the OnlyOffice cloud.

Spell check only highlights errors (no replacement suggestions) for files stored locally on my iPad. No underlining for doc files stored on the OnlyOffice cloud.

Synchronization in collaboration mode on the same doc file in a room is very slow and crashes quickly (see video 1).

The mobile web version works better, triple click is also active, but vertical scrolling of the trackpad is not activated and icons are missing (chevron_left_ios). (see video 2).

Thanks for everything else that works.

Link to videos

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Thank you for the videos! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We are checking the situation.
I will let you know when I get something. :handshake:

Thank you for your feedback and valuable input. Here are the updates regarding the issues you’ve raised:

The connectivity problem has been addressed and resolved in the upcoming version of DS 7.5.

Regarding the iOS app, the issue with the spell check not functioning on the ONLYOFFICE tab has been documented as a bug.

We appreciate your suggestion related to replacing spelling errors in the iOS app, and we have added it to our list of potential enhancements.

Your suggestion for selecting the entire offer by triple-tapping in the iOS app has also been noted, and we are considering its implementation.

We are actively working on enabling trackpad scroll in the mobile view, along with the addition of the “chevron_left_ios” icon.

We will keep you updated on the progress and release of these improvements. :handshake:

Thank you for your consideration. Good luck with the implementation. Congratulations to the team for all of your work. Do you need beta tester ?

We appreciate your user support, and for now, we are managing product testing on our own. Thank you for your understanding and assistance :grinning: :heartpulse:

hey @Balystick :saluting_face:
Please clarify if the issue is recurring at the moment?

  • lost connection coop