Toggle between insert and overtype mode

Quick one:

OnlyOffice 8.1 on LinuxMint on well resourced desktop form factor machine.

I cannot, determine how to change OnlyOffice’s input mode, when editing, so that existing text is overwritten at the cursor location rather than inserted.

I have a document that I use as a template for creating/printing bank checks. I know the correct way to do this would be to create a form, but it’s just so easy to open the template, change the various fields to contain what I need at the moment and print. I don’t have to save the data between uses, this is strictly to print checks with the proper info in the proper location on the page.

Any assistance appreciated.

Hello @RonMorse

Unfortunately, Overtype mode is not supported in Desktop Editors. Suggestion to add such mode when using Insert, your request was added to it. As of now we do not have any ETA on this suggestion, but we will surely notify you once it is implemented.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you for the information. I’ll keep an eye out for future developments!