Time tracking access rights in Project

I want to ask a how-to question or i would like to know maybe it is bug or feature (sorry if i was mistaken) about time tracking access rights.
I have installed Onlyoffice Groups + Docs community edition, created project, added some non admin users and assigned tasks to them and saw one problem with using the program. Each user have the same non admin/owner rights and they can’t close/open/edit tasks of another users (as it should be), but time tracking of these tasks are open for everyone inside and each user can change or track time in the project for another user.
Can you tell me is it ok? Maybe i did not restricted some access rights? Can you help me with this problem?
Thank you in advance!
Community Server version: v11.1
Type of installation of Workspace: manual installation
OS: Centos 7
Browser version: Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Hello titarenko.
This is the expected behavior. It is due to the fact that not only assigned people can work on a task.

Hello Alexandre! Thank you for your answer! Please, can you tell me maybe there is a way to disable this function, becouse in some situations users must do only their tasks and track time only in their task.
For example i expected that if i add several users in one task they can track their time, but in fact other users can track another users task even if it did not assigned to this user. So users can add time tracking even in tasks, that are not connected to this user. Maybe i can limit this function for some users except project admin?
I think that idea of tracking time by another user should work only if several users was joined to this task becouse this functionality (several users assigned in task) is present in Project module.
Maybe i can configure this in configuration files or maybe there is some functionality of delimitation of rights?
Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to change this behavior at the moment. But we understood your idea and we added it to our internal tracklist. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of release of this feature. We will discuss this within the team.

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Thank you! I will wait for any changes.