Time formatting issue Calc/Excel

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problem: We’re using Onlyoffice in our private Nextcloud. we track time with Onlyoffice Calc/Excel. Since OnlyOffice has different tools than LibreOffice or full Office. For example: when downloading or uploading files, sometimes the format gets completely destroyed.
Even worse: Sometimes even when we get the format to match, for some reason it reverts back to something else. We tried everything but the format keeps switching back to the bad one.

Community Server/Control Panel version: 7.5.4 update to 7.7.0 possible
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: Nextcloud/Apps
Browser version: Firefox, Chrome latest version

Hello @jakob.jauk

I am quite confused. Do you use ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server) or ONLYOFFICE Workspace?

These version is either non-existent or deeply old, please double check it.

In general, can you record a video demonstration of this behavior?

unfortunately we cant provide a video because this happens at random times. I found out that we’re using an external Server. Onlyoffice App in Nextcloud is at 7.5.4

You mean connector app, I see. Thanks.

You can check version of Document Server by opening any file for editing or viewing and clicking About tab on the left toolbar. Right beneath the logo you can find version.

Thanks for the fast reply!
Our version is 7.1.1

Please update your instance to the actual version7.5.1 and check the situation again. I’m afraid that there is nothing I can suggest you since outdated versions are not supported anymore.

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