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Thumbnail for gnome/mate

To generate document thumbnails in the file managers Gnome or Mate (Nautilus and Caja, respectively), special helpers are used - thumbnailers. The existing thumbnailer generates thumbnails for OpenDocument ods/odt files, but cannot create them for OpenXML docx/xlsx files due to the lack of graphic thumbnails inside them.

The essence of my request:

  1. generate thumbnails in the documents being processed and they will be processed normally by the existing thumbnailer.

  2. alternative option - make it possible to launch the office in headless mode with the generation of a graphical representation of the first page of the document and then you can use onlyoffice as a separate thumbnailer.

Additional details can be found here

Hello @alef
We are working on this feature already. I have collected your request and I will update this thread when we have something to share.