Theme in color theme option applies for the second time and not the first time when I choose it


  1. When choosing any color theme and clicking Accept, the color theme does not apply, that is, the current color theme stays. And when choosing the color theme for the second time and clicking accept, the color theme applies.

  2. When clicking the option “color theme”, I get the pop up window with title “Color theme” and to choose Accept or Cancle, but whether I click Accept or Cancle the theme that I choose does not apply, that is, the current theme stays.

  3. And when clicking the option “color theme”, the the pop up window with the title “Color theme” should not appear, it should immediately go in the option “Color theme”.

I have named the video “set color theme” to see this issue.


Device: Huawei P9 Lite
OS version: 7.0
App version: 5.7.1
Mode: On Device

Hello @nicesto

Thank you for the video. We are checking the situation.

I’d like to inform you that in the upcoming new version of Mobile App we have changed the UI of Color theme feature so it will no longer require you to accept change of the theme.


  1. I wrote wrong the last part of sentence “to see this issue”. I meant “to see these issues”. So, all three issue (1, 2, 3) and not just one of them.

Is this reply for all three issues 1, 2, 3 that I wrote or does this reply only go for one of three issues. As far as I understand, this reply goes for issue 2 or 3, so, pop up window with title “Color theme”.


Indeed, the changes to the UI will take affect on all three mentioned issues.

I want to report that three issues are now fixed in the new version.