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The text is shifted when printing to the printer

In the product version “ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (64 bit exe package)”
When printing a docx document to the printer, the text on the paper is shifted by ~ 0.5-0.7 cm to the right, as a result of which part of the text is cut off. The margins on the paper are no longer the same as in the application.
If you save a docx document to pdf format or print to a Microsoft Print to PDF printer, there is no such problem.

There is no such problem in the product version “ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version”.

Hello @Maksim
Please note that official language of this forum is English, please re-write your message.
As for the issue, please provide us with an example of file where the issue reproduces.

In the example, the file in which the left margin is 3 cm, the right margin is 1.5 cm. When printing to the printer, the margins are shifted, on paper the left margin is 3.5 cm, the right margin is 1 cm.

Thank you for the file,
we are checking the situation.

Hello @Maksim
We have checked the situation. The issue will be fixed with the next version of Desktop Editors (v.7.2.1).
Thank you for valuable data!