"The portal migration is in progress" with aws


I am making the storage connection with aws but it has not been possible, at the moment of generating it it stays in “The migration of the portal is in progress”, the progress bar is animated at 100% before the page is automatically updated and checking No folder has been created with the bucket that was linked. Why is this happening?

The process was carried out as follows: Connecting third-party storages - ONLYOFFICE

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Hello @NathalySuarez_25
Communication language on this forum is English. Please post your request in English.

Thanks, I already modified it to English

Hello @NathalySuarez_25

Please clarify your portal component versions (Community server, Control Panel) and the guide which you used for installation process.

Please reproduce the issue and make a screenshot of the error. Also please make a screenshot of your values at this page: portal > Control Panel > Storage