The onlyoffice logo didn't change even though I added another logo in customization config

added logo as mentioned in here:

	editorConfig: {
		mode: 'edit',
		lang: 'en',
		callbackUrl: `${onlyOfficeConfig.zegalServer}zegal/track?docId=${doc._id}&useraddress=${onlyOfficeConfig.userAddress}&dragonAuth=${authInfo}`,
		createUrl: '',
		templates: [],
		user: {
			group: '',
			name: doc.owner?.primary_name?.given_name
		embedded: {
			saveUrl: '',
			embedUrl: '',
			shareUrl: '',
			toolbarDocked: 'top'
		customization: {
			about: true,
			chat: true,
			comments: true,
			feedback: true,
			forcesave: true,
			autosave: true,
			goback: {
				url: ''
			submitForm: false,
			uiTheme: 'theme-classic-light',
			logo: {
				image: `${onlyOfficeConfig.zegalServer}images/logoEdited.png`,
				url: onlyOfficeConfig.zegalServer
			toolbarHideFileName: true,
			compactHeader: true,
			toolbarNoTabs: true
		fileChoiceUrl: ''

my server url is fine, because its working for other functionalities

also I resized the logo to be exactly 172 * 40

Some of the customization parameters (including logo) are marked with an asterisk. There is a note at the bottom of the page saying *- available for editing only for ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition
If you are using a Community Edition Document Server, you cannot use these options.

Hello, yes you were right, I am using onlyoffice community edition. Thank you for the info