The full-text search engine returns no result

I installed Onlyoffice under Docker following this guide: Installing all ONLYOFFICE Workspace components integrated - ONLYOFFICE.
Everything is working fine so far. The only problem is with the full text search engine. It does not find text inside the document. Search in documents content is enabled. I am using local storage. What is the problem?

Hi @radek.juthner :wave:

  1. Could you please demonstrate how you perform a content search within a document?

  2. If you have enabled the “Search in documents content” checkbox in the control panel, please try reindexing.

thanks for the advice. I missed the “in context” option in the filter.

The search engine cannot find text in some files.
I have two excel files with Landis text content, but fulltext only finds one file, not two. I reindexed.


Could you please clarify whether the file fails to appear in the search results in all search scenarios or only when searching for the word “Landis”?
For instance, try using other words contained in the document and see if it shows up.

It’s possible that there were issues with indexing this specific file. If that’s the case, we’ll need the file to reproduce the problem.

Additionally, check if any of the letters in “Landis” were typed using different keyboard layouts, as this might affect the search results.