The font of the document looks different

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OS version: Windows server 2019 datacenter
App version: ONLYOFFICE 7.1.0
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

When you open a created document, the Malgungotic font is recognized as an Arial font. Other fonts look good, but only Malgun godhic fonts show this phenomenon.

This issue occurs only the first time you open a document and does not occur after you open it and save it in the malgun gothic font.


Hi @song,
Could you please attach an example document and, if possible, the font file too?

I want to attach it, but it’s a type that I can’t attach.
Please tell me how to attach it.
(Document type: .docx, .ttf)

Please try putting both files in a zip archive and attach it.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure where the mailroom is. Can you explain in detail where it is?

Please specify what you mean by mailroom. If it is impossible to attach your file to the forum post, please upload it to some file hosting and send me the link.

I want you to receive the file from this address

Unfortunately the file access to the file is denied. Could you please open the access or try some other file hosting?

I don’t know how to share the file.
May I have your email address?

You can register at, upload the file there and share it via external link.

I tried registering with, but the sharing button does not come out.
I don’t know why it doesn’t come out.
Please suggest another way

Sorry, I forgot that we disabled a possibility to share zip files from due to security concerns. You can send the file to Please add the link to this forum thread to the email subject.

I sent an email to Please check.

Please check and reply.

Sorry for the late reply. We have received your files and we are analyzing the issue. I will inform you about results.

We have registered this issue as a bug number 57546 in our internal tracker. I will inform you here when the bugfix is released. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How long will it take?

Sorry, we have no ETA at the moment.

Is it resolved?

Sorry, no news yet. When the bug is resolved, I will inform you in this topic.