The email sent did not include a port number, which resulted in the link being inaccessible

I am in the home network, I deployed the ONLYOFFICE service by installing CentOS on a Hyper-V virtual machine in Windows 11 system (the virtual switch is configured as an external network, coexisting with other network devices at home under one gateway). I used Docker for deployment and specified the port as 8888. After deployment, I can access the service from the Internet through DDNS + port number 8888 configured on the router. However, the link attached to the activation email sent by ONLYOFFICE’s mail service does not include :8888, only the domain name address, which causes the link in the email to not enter ONLYOFFIC’s portal page correctly.

If the address of the current login page is accompanied by a port number (for example, when sending an email, please automatically add the port number to the attached link so that the link can be accessed normally.

When using the DEB/RPM installation method, the default port is 80. However, due to the widespread blocking of ports 80 and 443 by broadband operators in China, if you want to access DDNS addresses through the internet, you need to use port forwarding and redirect it to another port, such as 8080 forwarding to port 80. In this case, emails sent will also not include a port in the link, resulting in inability to access the service through links in emails.

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We’ll look into the issue you described, and as soon as I have any information, I’ll get back to you with a response!

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We have created a bug report for this behavior!
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