The Bash script

The onlyoffice-documentserver RPM package contains a script but the DEB version doesn’t, is this because with Debian/Ubuntu debconf is used for the PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ settings and with CentOS/RedHat it needs to be done another way?

FWIW I checked the contents of the two packages by downloading them from GitHub and extracting them both, for example:

mkdir /tmp/deb 
cd /tmp/deb 
dpkg-deb -R onlyoffice-documentserver_amd64.deb .
ls usr/bin | sort

mkdir /tmp/rpm
cd /tmp/rpm
rpm2cpio onlyoffice-documentserver.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv 
ls usr/bin | sort

Hello @chris
You’re right. In the case of deb installation, installation process uses settings from debconfig. rpm doesn’t have it, so presence of script is a necessity on rpm installations.

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