Text field unusable for a new topic

I can only see the first line and scrolling down is impossible since the page force-scrolls back up
IOS 18

Can’t attach an image as the form gets stuck and can’t be sent

The reply field also can’t be scrolled down, but at least it first have a bunch of fields at the top obscuring it

Can I not edit my own posts/comments on this forum???

Anyway, all content blockers are off

Hello @esv

What browser do you use? Did you change any zoom levels for page or in iOS settings? I’ve checked Safari and everything seems fine. By the way, do I understand that you are running developer beta of iOS 18?

Editing of posts is not available for new users.

I’m running safari, didn’t change system zoom, tried various zoom levels on this page(though don’t think I’ve changed them before)
Now at smaller.com I just get other bugs
There are no extra spaces between the cursor and the last text

Yes, it’s iOS 18 dev

correction: at smaller sizes (hard to correct typos
when you can’t see the text nor

May I ask you to check any other browser too, e.g. Chrome? We are not aware of any changes that might persist in dev beta of iOS so we cannot check it until official release.

I’d be nice to have screenshots of your whole screen when accessing forums via Safari, video demo would be perfect.

This is Chrome, reply

maybe something is wrong with the floating type style? Don’t remember seeing any forms bugging like this

I cannot reproduce this issue in Chrome. No matter what direction I am scrolling the page, it stays in place. If I there is any additional info, please feel free to share.

As for the zoom value (initial post): please share video demo from Safari too, as it seems to be related to this browser, because in Chrome as I can see it is displayed fine.

But that’s exactly the problem, it shouldn’t stay in place and obscure the text input field.

Your form has needlessly huge margins, also at the bottom, which also force themselves to be at the bottom so when you edit text the most important field - text input, is only about half of usable screen space

Check these two forms on your forum and any other


And another

By the way, left/right padding is also a pure waste of space serving no useful purpose

And these are at min zoom +1 on safari
Inactive is not fully visible

And active doesn’t fit the full text either, I can’t see what I’m typing

And I can’t scroll right, the form is too dumb and forces itself back left again to those sweet useless margins on the left

And if I pinch zoom I get stuck with this awfulness

Thanks for screenshot. With some struggle I was able to get same behaviors.

In total there is three:

  1. Address bar overlaps buttons when reply window is opened;
1st pic
  1. When page zoon is set to 85 percent interface scales and then goes off the right margin;
2nd pic
  1. General complain about big margins when replying.
3d pic

As for this issue:

Pinch zoom

I wasn’t able to get the same result. Can you record a video demo?

By the way, the fields on a desktop are almost as bad - you get only ~30-40% of usable screen’s width for actual text (in the default view) input due to auto-preview field and useless left/right padding

And even less so vertically with huge buttons I’d never use (since Ctrl+B is more convenient) that also have large padding and the title (with padding) taking ~ the same size as the empty text field
(the reply/close buttons also seem to be as high as the text input field, which is just a ridiculous waste of space)

But at least you can make the whole thing bigger and it works

Thanks for the feedback. We will consider this note for desktop view of the site too. The overall change of the paddings you’ve suggested for mobile view could be global and may also affect desktop version too.